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Katie Francis

Motivational Speaking

Katie is available for motivational speaking engagements.

Katie Francis set national records for selling the most Girl Scout cookies in one season. She first set the record by selling 21,477 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in 2014 when she was 12 years old. The next season, she broke her own record by selling 22,200 boxes in 2015. The following year, she continued selling high numbers with 20,016 in 2016. The previous record of 18,000 boxes sold in one season was held by Elizabeth Brinton since the 1980’s. Elizabeth is known as the “Cookie Queen”. When Katie surpassed the record, Elizabeth offered to pass on her title to Katie, but Katie said she should keep her title and that she would use the title “Cookie Superstar”. After all, Elizabeth had held the record for almost 30 years!

Katie is a young entrepreneur who understands the importance of setting goals. She broke the state cookie sale record two years in a row and then set her sights on the national record. Each year she strives to challenge herself and look ahead to what she can do better. Her 2017 goal is to set a new career national record by bringing her career total to 100,100 boxes in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scout cookie sale. Achieving these goals requires lots of hard work and Katie learned at a very young age that applying determination, time and commitment to her cookie sale business helps her accomplish her dreams.

A driving force behind why Katie loves to sell cookies is that she looks forward to meeting people while she is selling. Often customers will share a story about when they were a Girl Scout or describing when they received cookies when they served overseas in the military and how it was so important to them. She always has a smile on her face to greet people. She enjoys singing and dancing to cookie selling songs when she is at a booth sale in front of a store. A positive attitude and enthusiasm are an important aspect to her sales. Katie has discovered that she loves giving motivational speeches and presentations. One of the posters that she uses has the following quote on it: “there is more to cookies than what is in the box” and it is evident that the cookie sale is much more than a fundraiser to Katie.        

Another reason Katie loves the cookie sale is that she has it in her heart to help make the world a better place and to make a difference in her community and beyond. She and her troop have earned their Girl Scout Bronze and Silver Awards and are now starting to work on their Gold Awards. In 2017 they plan to work on their take action projects, volunteer and contribute to LifeShare, Infant Crisis Center, Make a Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, YWCA Oklahoma City Women’s Shelter, and Catholic Charities Sanctuary Women’s Development Center. They also regularly help a local in-school Girl Scout troop to give them special opportunies. During Katie’s cookie sale, she collects donations for thousands of boxes of Girl Scout cookies to be donated to the U.S. Military serving overseas and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Katie also collects stuffed animals for a program called “Comfort Critters” that gives them to emergency personnel to pass along to children in need in the Oklahoma City metro area.  

Katie is an excellent student and maintains straight A’s at her school in Oklahoma City. Katie loves to perform and studies piano, voice and flute. She is in her school band, varsity women’s choir and show choir. She enjoys music theatre and performs in a local theatre company summer production as well as her school musical. She studies five forms of dance: jazz, tap, ballet, pointe and Irish dance. She sets high goals in other ways besides the cookie sale and through auditions this year was accepted into the Central Oklahoma Choral Director’s Association (COCDA) Honor Choir, Oklahoma Choral Directors Association (OCDA) JH All-State Choir, Dove Dance Senior D2 Company, Central Oklahoma Directors’ Association (CODA) All-Region Honor Band, Oklahoma Baptist University Honor Band and the Oklahoma Flute Society Honor Flute Choir.